ALL our 'Equestria Girls' material has been RESTORED!

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You thought I was going to give up that fast? NEVAH! Everything from the first movie to all their shorts, specials, etc. is back! I've decided to trust Openload this time 'round, let's hope it works well for a very long time. 

However, everything will only be available to download, not to watch online anymore. But, why? We've been recently  struggling with copyright directly on the blog (yep, now Google has their eyes on this site) so I hope we can keep it up this way by direct download links instead of what we've been used to. If our links start to get removed again, we'll be making some changes around here in order to stay permanently and keep providing you with ponies every week. We're not giving up, I promise! /)

Back at the matter at hand... WE'RE BACK! (Kinda, we still need to restore EVERY season, which is going to be a truly hard work, but we're already working on it 😉)

(Chicken Scoot will always be fun to watch 😆)

ALL our links are DOWN because of copyright.

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Yep, that's what happened. ALL our links of both the episodes and movies have been blocked from Google Drive because of Copyright, so until I find the opportunity (and time) to get them all back again, the blog is going to be on indefinive PAUSE.

I'm really sorry for this guys, but there's nothing I can do at the moment to restore them inmediatly 😢 however, here are some ways you can keep up with the episodes while we're gone:

1. AstrumSpark: I'm not really sure if he has all the episodes online, but he keeps uploading them in their original format every week, here's his channel on Dailymotion: []

To download them, here's an online downloader I have used myself several times that works terrific:

Telechargerunevideo: [] you can choose which quality you want and you need no programs to be installed on your PC to use it.

2. Yayponies: [] This is the one I use for the blog. They upload every episode and Equestria Girls movies in various formats to choose which one you like best, from the Itunes raw to color corrected, however their files are pretty big and the videos are in .mkv, so your player might not reproduce them unless you're using VLC.

To convert them in .mp4, .avi etc, here's the converter I use:

HandBrake: [] (this is from my own link, if you have any problems downloading it, please send me an e-mail to so I can check it)

This converter has come pretty in handy to me, it's free to use and also reduces the file size to 50% their original size without quality loss (no kidding, it really does work that good) if you have any problems with using it, please send me an e-mail or write it in the comments below /)

And that's it. I'm not leaving this site yet, as Twilight says "This isn't goodbye. It's just goodbye 'til next time!", cross fingers it won't take that long; for now, remember that I always upload every scene from every episode in order on my channel on Youtube, it can be a way to keep on track with the series from the time being.

Love you guys, thanks for your support through this very first year with the blog ❤

[7x14] MLP FiM - Fame and Misfortune

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